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The Treasure Hunt Is Won!
But it's not over yet...

That's right, the Riddle has been solved and the Treasure Hunt has a victor...or rather three! The Two Lands Team would like to extend the warmest and grandest of congratulations to the community's very own "Three Musketeers", Alex, Dave and Greg! After many grueling nights, and verification proven successful, these three have proven victorious!

What, however, does this mean for you? The big prize may be won, but the hunt is still on! Scroll down for more info:

What Comes Next

The prize, 1% of our total token supply, has been won. So what's left? The "Musketeers", as is in their generous nature, have decided to do two very important things.


First, they have donated 10% of their winnings to the Everdeen Initiative, our community foundation dedicated to raising awareness for & funding ancient archeology all over the world. This incredible gesture & great act of charity will help to provide long term funding for the Foundation!

Second, they've decided that they do not want the Hunt to end! In the spirit of the chase, they've decided to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) in order to preserve the mystery & excitement and allow others to continue on!

Lastly, while the final answer and location remain unchanged, in order to spice things up a bit further the Two Lands team has decided to not only make 5 minor alterations to the Riddle - hidden within these changes is a clue, of course - but also offer up an additional 1M (one million) $LANDS token prize to the next winner(s)!

This new prize comes with the exact same rules, terms and conditions - and we hope that it serves to inspire and/or refresh all hunters out there! Happy hunting, and don't forget to check out the new & improved Riddle!

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