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Rocks in Desert

Hey There

This is where you can learn all about how this treasure hunt works! Participation is simple, however please carefully review the following information.

And don't forget to stay curious, have fun, and enjoy the path of divine learning!

The Format

The Riddle and the Cryptex comprise the two primary layers of the hunt for which you are to solve for. The Riddle is 24 lines long, and will be released one at a time every 12 hours until each line is out there! You can find it updated on this site, and will also be broadcast & published across our Two Lands social media accounts.

Be warned, the Riddle is cryptic in nature and presents the initial query for all Hunters; and while it's certainly a daunting task to determine even a starting point, we recommend starting by asking yourself, "Who, What, When, Why, or How?"

Once this basic question is answered, the path becomes more clear - that is until you reach the Cryptex, for which you must determine the word that unlocks its secrets!

We promise, theoretically everything you need is going to be right there in the Riddle...but in the event that you find yourself wishing to amplify your search, we have buried, hidden, and stashed clues in just about everything we've done and will do so always keep your eyes out!


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That all said, it is also important to remember that this is an ever expanding project! For example, while we have our first collaboration product (an IPA Beer in partnership with Chatham Brewery) already on shelves and menus, it is sold exclusively in the State of NY for the time being! This will change as there are wheels in motion to soon introduce expanded distribution as well as new collaboration products!

With new opportunities to expand the field of search for clues plentiful both now and in the future, we hope that you can join us in looking forward to enjoying this Hunt to the fullest!


This is a brief list of the few affairs one will need in order ahead of participation in the The Hunt.

Please remember, failure to abide by these can result in a disqualification of any entry!

Kindness & Humility

This is non-negotiable and is essential to a successful Hunt as it allows for peace, dignity and passion to flourish!

Email Address

A valid email address is required in order to carry out correspondence in case of success! Please ensure reliability!

Digital Wallet

A verifiable, ERC-20 compatible digital wallet and address, in order to confirm participation via the holding of $LANDS

$LANDS Token

In order to win, you must hold the minimum amount of 20,000 $LANDS tokens; and know the answer to the Riddle of course! 

PRO TIP: Go snag an item or two from our Merch Market, you may find something interesting!

WARNING: shameless plug


This is the step-by-step guide to participating in The Hunt.
Please remember, failure to follow these steps may result in a disqualification of any entry!


"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."

 --  John A. Shedd, 1928

1. Hold $LANDS in your digital wallet

Your wallet must be a valid ERC-20 compatible digital wallet, and it must be holding the minimum number of 20,000 $LANDS tokens (roughly $75, for now) at the time of verification

If you need help setting up a new wallet, click here:

2. Decipher the Riddle and Clues

Using your considerable powers of perception, analysis and deduction, discover the hidden meaning contained within the Riddle and its auxiliary Clues!

Your answer must be presented in TWO parts: first, a 7-letter word that opens the Cryptex and second, a brief description of EXACTLY where you found the word! Even if the CORRECT word is submitted, it will be labeled INCORRECT, if the precise location is wrong.    

3. Fill out a Submission Form

Make your way here, to this website:

Navigate to the 'Submit Answer' tab on the top tool bar, then fill out the necessary fields

Important Note: Submissions must be in English!

4. Submit your Answer

When the submission is ready, click the button at the bottom of the form labeled 'Submit'

Make sure you receive the automatic email response confirming your submission has been accepted for review! If correct, we will be in touch shortly - congratulations in advance good traveler!


The Riddle will be released in the following manner:

  • Beginning on Wednesday, December 27th at 9 PM EST

  • One line, in order, every 12 hours, 2 times a day for 12 days straight!

Outside of the release of the Riddle there is no set schedule, nor rhyme behind what, when, why, where or how we release new clues! As always, the best way to stay up to date is by following us on our socials and joining the community at large!

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Get started now, check out the Riddle

Clock and Plant

The Prize

The prize is simple! It's all of the glory and pride that will forever follow your footsteps should you prove successful in this endeavor!

Just kidding, it's also 1% of our total token supply of $LANDS which at the launch of this project is worth a staggering 50K USD!

These tokens, because they represent such a significant portion of total supply, will be vested out to the winner of this contest! This vesting term will last 12 calendar months and will begin the moment a correct entry and winner are confirmed!

Please be advised! Claiming this prize does not mean that you must identify yourself publicly, but may require our Internal Review Team verify your identity before finally determining the validity of your entry!

Furthermore, in order to claim the prize you must be willing to submit to a KYC and identity verification to a third party intermediary designated officiant and executor of these terms. This reputed third party will be announced upon the determination of a valid entry, and will audit the verification process before moving forward with publicly authenticating the genuine winner as well as then executing the prize's exchange of custody.

Lastly, in order to claim the prize you must be willing to allow the team to fly you to a location, not currently specified for security purposes, to personally enter the vault and assume ownership of the Cryptex. You must be among the three parties needed to access the Treasure; and this location is somewhere within continental United States, so be sure to renew your passport if necessary!

The current resting place of the prize tokens can be found here on Unicrypt, where they will be continuously locked until such a time as a winner is assessed and verified. When that happens the vesting schedule will be locked into place & initiated, and the ownership of the lock itself will be transferred to the wallet address whose seed phrase is found inside the Cryptex!

Thank you, and best of luck!

Still having trouble getting started? Check out our FAQ

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