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for the world's greatest digital treasure

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The Hunt is Won!
But it's still on!


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Current Value of the Treasure

as of 06/06/24


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Two Lands, a pioneering & ambitious project in the Web3 space, encourages you to join their community and immerse yourself in the quest for the world's greatest digital treasure.

The treasure is 1% of our project's total token supply ($LANDS Token).

The goal is simple: solve the riddle and win the prize!

'The Riddle' is 24 lines long and will be released in public for any and all to try their hand at deciphering! The correct answer will yield the word needed to unlock the treasure from its vault - a custom made, one-of-a-kind, Cryptex (stored within another vault) which holds the seed phrase & digital wallet containing the tokens!

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1. Follow us on Social Media and join the community to receive the latest news & updates!
2. Solve the Riddle, you can find our form & submit your answer here!
3. Make sure you hold the minimum amount of $L
ANDS tokens in your digital wallet!
4. Claim your fortune, sit ba
ck & relax.

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Want to supplement your search, or perhaps even give yourself an edge over the field? Do a little digging into some of the other cool things we're up to - you may just stumble upon a CLUE!

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The Riddle

as each line is released publicly, they will be added here

1. The \ pursuit is backwards: learning of the divine

2. is a journey over the moon and among the rocks, with pines.

3. Take heed the echo chambers of voice and virtue,

4. for nearby the two-headed serpent lurks.

5. Betokening the path of least resistance,

6. it ends your mile on recursive land at high water mark.

7. Oh brother, it's great to see your home!

8. while the bough casts its shadow, time is on one's side. 

9. For the Gift is found to the East,

10. ensuring knowledge will always be held on a pedestal.

11. Though sometimes paid for in blood,

12. it is now caught red handed.

13. Finally pointing the way to high enclosure, ipseity recognized,

14. another likeness has providence within sight.

15. Merciful God, please, help us, and never forget both iron sides.

16. A home within a home, the clue unerring is hidden in this place.

17. On a single leaf, referencing the ordinal escape for

18. ascended masters of sheet & vibration!

19. You shall find it etched by stone, and the shape by its water.

20. Oh Sons of the Angle, words do mean something; however marginal.

21. And on one leg, with this pointer realized,

22. a pirate's plunder of God's words shall dissever the chase.

23. History provides, but how have you fared? Did you find what you were looking for?

24. If not, the best place to start anything is at the beginning.



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The Prize

The prize is simple! It's all of the glory and pride that will forever follow your footsteps should you prove successful in this endeavor!

Just kidding, it's also 1% of our total token supply of $LANDS which at the launch of this project touched a staggering value of more than 200K USD!

Because they represent such a significant portion of total supply, these tokens will be vested out to the winner of this contest! This vesting term will last 9 calendar months and will begin the moment a correct entry and winner are confirmed!



Not only will the eventual winner of this treasure hunt receive the prize tokens up for grabs, but they will also receive the very cryptex that contains the seed phrase which grants access to the treasure!


"The custom cryptex itself is a masterpiece, crafted from imported marble sourced from the quarries of Carrara, Tuscany, the very same quarries that gave life to Michelangelo's iconic Statue of David. It even features sampled handwriting from none other than Leonardo da Vinci, making it a true work of art".

Justin Nevins  -  Master Craftsman


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